Contributing to Open Source : Week 1

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Source code

This week my main focus was to get familiar and comfortable with reading someone else’s code. I aquired a better intuition of where to look for when I’m trying to find a particular piece of code in a codebase. It’s hard to point exactly what patterns I learned because I’m still gathering more examples by looking at more repos. However, I recognize the importance of developing this skill and, eventually, I want to feel more comfortable when facing a new codebase.

Open Source

This week I started to look for projects that I can contribute to. My main focus was to find Javascript projects that use React in order to study other’s codebase. I looked for open-source options on Then, I evaluated more than a handful of projects and now, this week I chose Mattermost which is an open-sourse Slack alternative. However, I am still setting up my environment and facing some Docker error that hopefully will get sorted out.


Also, something exciting that I learned is about Electron which “is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS”. It’s very interesting to realize that some desktop apps that I use everyday like VSCode and Whatsapp are built using this framework. And, it also gives me an idea of the magnitude of projects that can be developed using it.



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Alejandra Bricio

Alejandra Bricio


26 yo. Self-Taught Software Developer. I write about Career Change, Women in Tech and anything exciting I’m working on.