Insights From Month Four: Your Personal Brand

(This story is part of the assignments for my internship at Nearsoft by Encora. I hope that some of the insights I learned this week can help others in their learning journey. Previously: Your Personal Brand: Week 4)

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This month, I learned a lot about interviews: how to train for them and how to perform in them.

How to train for an interview

Before an interview, there are important things to study and research. First, review the job description to see which are the skills that you have that can make you stand out during the interview. Also, thoroughly research the company in order to gain an understanding of their values, mission and current projects.

Then, it’s important to prepare for questions that you’ll be asked, both technical and behavioral. It’s important that for the behavioral questions, we craft stories that show us at our best. Following the STAR method can help us organize our ideas and deliver our answers in a structured manner. It also shows that you prepared for the interview and demonstrates that this opportunity is important for you.

How to perform in an interview

After practicing for the interview is equally important to be in a relaxed state in order to tackle the answers in a confident (but not arrogant) manner. This will help you display your personality and cultural fit to the company as well as your technical answers to be more comprehensible.

As Gayle Laakmann states:

“Despite the questions on polymorphism and heaps and virtual machines, the question they really want an answer to is …

Would I have a beer with this guy?”

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