Insights From My First Month As A Software Development Intern

The first month of my internship at Nearsoft has come to an end and with it the Reset Phase. I would like to begin this small article with a quote from Apprenticeship Patterns by Dave Hoover and Adewale Oshiney.

“Software craftsmen build their reputations through strong relationships with their clients and colleagues.

Conceding to unspoken pressures and telling people what they want to hear is not a good way to build strong relationships.

Tell people the truth.

Let them know that you’re starting to understand what they want and you’re in the process of learning how to give it to them.

If you reassure them, reassure them with your ability to learn, not by pretending to know something you don’t.

In this way, your reputation will be built upon your learning ability rather than what you already know.”

This last month, I had the opportunity of working alongside inspiring and incredible human beings. And, these past few days, I came to understand why this month is called Reset Phase.

For me, every article, video, lecture, stand-up, lightning-talk, mentoring session or orientation meeting was about resetting our mentality so we can work and build great software together. After this month, I can rely on my team to have the correct attitude and I am empowered to detect behaviors, in myself and others, that wouldn’t nurture the group. Now, when we interact, we know what to expect from each other. My fellow peers have a mindset that strives to keep learning and don’t let the lack of current knowledge on a particular technology discourage them. On the contrary, we all know that what matters is not what you know today but how much you can expand your broadband to learn new information.

The second phase has begun: Building Something From Scratch. I am more than excited about this because making projects collaboratively is one of the things I love the most about software development.

Once again, and specially today, I want to thank my mentors Fernando Calderón and Cristian Cota. Without your time and energy, this journey wouldn’t be possible.

26 yo. Self-Taught Software Developer. I write about Career Change, Women in Tech and anything exciting I’m working on.